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$_GET['A Life'];

Because it is the most popular and widely used server side scripting language in the world, it is secure and stable to maintain, it is secure and most of all it is very popular making it my favourite programming language.


Because it's natural

Because it makes complex code easier to develop, more relieable, more maintainable, and generally better, it insists that you think about what you expose to the outside world, it lets you change the implementation of an object without affecting any other code.


Because it's visual

Because - Ajax - is the best thing every, beeing capable of creating dinamic websites combining php and javascript. It is easy to learn and has OOP capabilities. It can make websites visualy appealing wich is always a good thing.

Latest Tools & Technologies

Because it's new

In an industry that is constantly being redeveloped and new technologies emerging every day it is important to keep up with what's going on, else risk the chance of falling behind and inevitably using outdated techniques and delivering sub standard work.